Iron Horse 6Point4 - Awesome review, components though.. ?

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Hey guys, I'm really interested in this bike especially cause you can get them for a pretty good price these days, 1200 of CRC or Winstanley. I read the review in Jan '09 in MBUK, got a really good review: ... 4-09-33749

Thing is that after googling some of the parts on it, the Fox DHX Air 3.0 and the 55 TST2's have a mixed bag of review as components on MTBR, the only place I could find reviews for them. I kinda ingnored the 55 TST2 reviews as complaints were them packing in after freeriding and genrally hucking about, I'm only gonna singletrack.

THe bigger deal was the DHX Air 3.0, a lot of people complaining about the shock getting stuck down and having numerous to and fros with Fox for repairs. Anyone got a general opinion on the DHX Air 3.0 and the bike as a whole? Cheers guys!
09 Iron Horse 6Point4
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