More comfort at the bars. FS or hard tail?

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I've not been on my bike that much this year

The good news is that I went round Penmachno last week. But it was another nail in the coffin for my current bike. Twisted rear mech and mech hanger.

My current bike is an elderly Orange Gringo. The transmission is worn out, there are teeth rippped off the middle chain ring. It still has V brakes. Suspension is a 70mm pair of Marzocchi Z2's currently way under sprung for my body weight. I use Mary bars which help alot and bigish tyres (2.35 high rollers).

I have a long term wrist problem and on the rougher bits of Penmachno i was really feeling it through the bars, the forks were way out of their depth.

Funds are available for a new bike and surely a modern long forked hard tail will be be sending alot less clouts through to the bars? I'm thinking of an Altittude core 10 or the off the shelf 456.

How much extra benefit (if any) if I spent say an extra 500 and went FS. I think I would probably need to work the bike less and sit down more which would meam probably less work for my wrist. But will their be less clouts coming through to the bars?

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  • peter413
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    Don't think it would be worth it. I get just as many shocks through the bars on a hardtail as on a Full Susser.

    FS can help to save your feet and legs though but it can also mean you get lazy and suddenly find yourself on your @rse :lol:
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    I'd say a hardtail with a good quality medium travel fork 120-140mm would be a massive improvement on what you ride now. Maybe some ergo grips or gel padded gloves too might help. Hardtails obviously do get bounced about more than full sus so would give you more comefort on any rough surface. See if you can try out as many bikes as you can, you will soon find whats going to be best for you.
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    The amount of 'clout' you're getting is usually due to the quality of the fork and how its set up.

    If you have fast rebound then its likely its springing back too quickly and knocking you around.

    A full susser won't completely solve your problem, but it will give you more confidence to go over terrain that you might find sketchy on a hardtail. Look out though, it can make you too confident.
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    I've gone from an aluminium bar to carbon, ok you pay an extra 50 quid, but since the swap, I've never had trail buzz and I feel a lot more confident on the bars because there is less vibration, I'm not sure if FS or HT would made any difference!
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    Merlin have some nice carbon bars arround the £50 at the moment. 8)
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    Also look at the grips - certain ones absorb more buzz.
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    supersonic wrote:
    Also look at the grips - certain ones absorb more buzz.

    Which ones for example ?
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    Foam ones such as the posh bikes nitrile can do this.
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    Thanks folks

    I have some huge squidgy grips which are great. No idea of the make

    Mary bars help massively with a better wrist position for me.

    In general on a bike my wrist is fine. An hour and a half at Woburn and I probably wouldn't notice.

    At the beginning of the Penmancho my wrist was a bit sore from all the standing up, mainly from it being slighly bent back

    Once I'd warmed up this went. It was really only the rockiest 10% of the downhills where the bars were really pounding.

    The obvious answer is to do some more test rides. I've done a fair few. Being 6 foot 3 doesn't help as most demo bikes are too small. Also long travel hard tails are even harder to find as demos. Demoing a FS is easier. I've ridden enough to know that FS is better. What i've not done is demo a decent hard tail to see how it compares

    Keep the comments coming they are really useful