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Upper rocker bearing on Scott Genius

philgeephilgee Posts: 8
edited April 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
Does anyone know what the spec or part number is for this bearing and where I can buy them from?

This is the main rocker bearing that's half way up the seat post. It's got a fair bit of play in it.



  • DonnicDonnic Posts: 85
    Best bet would be to go to your nearest Scott dealer during weekday office hours, they could call the distributor and find it out for you?
  • Take the old ones out and measure them. You need the external diameter, internal diameter and thickness. Pull one apart to find out how many balls are inside.

    Then, get in touch with BETD in Stoke to buy the correct bearings (Enduro are a good quality make). BETD will probably know which one you need anyway:
  • philgeephilgee Posts: 8
    thanks for the replies.

    i was hoping to get a part number so i could order some before the weekend as I won't have chance before then to strip it down.

    also it seems Scott want to sell the whole set of bearings and i only want these 2.

    There must be someone out there who had to replace them....

    I'll phone BETD though..

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