****Giant Anthem X3 v X4 (2010)***

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Hello to all,

I'm a novice and looking at these two bikes. I was wondering if the X3 Is worth the extra £350. Would it cost more than £350 to upgrade the X4 to the spec of the X3? Or should i buy the X3 because its better specced for its price?

Also, if you could recommend another bike for under £1750 that can handle singletrack and the occassional trip to Glentress etc i'd greatly appreciate it!!!



  • Spending £1750 as a novice seems a pretty big punt to me. How about spending that extra £350 on other kit that you will require such as shoes, helmet, jerseys, shorts, tools, lights, etc etc

    In terms of the difference between the bikes, the only real bonus of the X3 is that its a bit lighter, but you'd be hard pushed to tell the difference. Personally though if you did want to spend X3 money on a bike only, I'd consider buying an X4 and then upgrading the wheelset with the difference. You'll end up with a bike lighter than the X3, and with the three crucial components all top spec - frame / fork / wheels

    Just my 2p worth
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    buy the best you can afford straight out man, loving your work.
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    X3 gets the RP2 (platform settings) shock over the standard Fox Float,slightly better wheels,SLX chainset and shifters,XT rear mech and Elixir brakes.

    The Elixir brakes are probably the most worthwhile upgrade,as the standard X4 Shimano brakes aren`t great.

    All the other fundamanetals on the X4 are good though,so would probably suggest getting that,and upgrading bits as your abilities improve and parts wear out.

    Then you can tailor the upgrades exactly as you want.

    As suggested above investing in some good lightweight wheels is always a good place to start,but the standard ones will be fine for now.
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    Tostaryman makes a good argument there, so you've got 3 options now, all of which are good ones. Definitely consider how much you'll need to spend on kit and factor that into your budget as well. Have you tested one yet?
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    Whichever model you buy the Anthem is a stunner. My mate has a shiny new X4 and it is a beautiful bike.

    I would buy the X4 and save the £350 to spend on better brakes and hand built wheels as and when they wear out. The only thing I would change straight away is the weedy front 160mm disc to a 180mm disc you can get a new disc and adapter for about £25.
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  • stubs wrote:
    The only thing I would change straight away is the weedy front 160mm disc to a 180mm disc you can get a new disc and adapter for about £25.

    And the fizik saddle - feels like its moulded from sheet metal!
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    Don't worry about splashing as a novice - my X1 was the first bike I'd bought in a long while. You are onto a winner with any of the options above: I go on the buy the best you can afford principle, esp if you don't fancy changing loads of bits.
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    i bought an X3 last week after a lengthy demo of an X2. I had a short back to back rides of an X3 and X4 and blasted both bikes up and over obsatcles and steps, and TBH, I couldn't tell any difference between the rear shocks - they're both good!. I might be wrong, but I think the only difference is that the RP2 shock on the X3 has ProPedal. Thing is, the bike pedals so well without Propedal, that it seems a bit redundant (unless you're gonna do some XC racing or loads of road riding I guess).

    Have to say that I did prefer the feel of the Avid brakes on the X3. The Shimanos on the X4 are also not the very latest version of Deores - and I think the older version on the X4 hasn't got a stellar reputation for performance & maintenance/reliability.

    I swapped the wheels on my X3 for lighter ones (Hope/Stans 355) taken off my previous bike, but I have to say the standard wheels on the X3 aren't too bad really - they're better than those on the X4 and, the bike's so mentally fast, they don't feel at all lardy when you're on the move.

    Personally, if I were you, I'd go for the X3 as it has much better brakes (you'll need 'em :D ), better chainset and shifters, and slightly better wheels. Oh, and the seatpost, bar & stem on the X3 are the same (lighter version) as those fitted to the X2. Then maybe change the wheels at a later date.

    Whichever one you get, I'm sure you'll love it - they're mega bikes!

    p.s. Just see if you can get the bike shop to swap the tyres over for some decnt ones - the Michelins it comes with are c***
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    oh er....p.p.s. agree with previous post regarding the saddle - what an ironing board!
  • Thanks for the advice guys. I will go down to my lbs and see what they can offer

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    I recently bought an X4 and transferred parts like Stans wheelset from another bike.

    It's a great bike and you'd be happy with either. If your budget will stretch to the X3 then get that, if not you'll still love the X4 and just upgrade parts as you need or want to.

    I personally prefer the white colour of the X4 and would get it for that reason and change parts if necessary but I'm a bit of a tart when it comes to aesthetics.