Anyone ever broken a carbon frame?

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After reading around the internet for a while now, I seem to hear a lot of arguments for and against carbon.

I am really enjoying the ride of my new carbon bike, but after hitting a small pot hole today, made me wonder how many people have actually written off a carbon bike, if so how?

Please dont turn this into a Carbon vs steel/alu/lard argument.


  • Giant Jon
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    I've had a carbon road bike for well over a year now, and it's certainly been through the wars. The worst crash was at a relatively slow 20mph, but saw the bike bouncing upside down and scraping down the road - the only damage was to the STI shifters, mech, and scratches to the pedals. No breakage at all.

    I'm also very fortunate to have a carbon Stumpjumper, which likewise has been bouncing sideways across rocks and all sorts of off-road terrain, and once more has survived everything I've thrown at it. So personally I'm all for the stuff.

    But I would also be very interested to see if anybody else has had a broken carbon frame/knows of anybody who has...
  • Squillinossett
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    Thats what I mean, I wouldnt expect it to survive a direct impact at high speed, but alot of frames wouldnt survive that, more if anyone has had a small off, hit a big pot hole and broken it.
  • slunker
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    Carbon frames are repairable. Top tube was cracked last year in a race and have used it all year with no problems at all.
  • Monty Dog
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    See plenty break in racing crashes - last year witnessed a guy crash his Time VXR, SR mech trashed his Bora wheel and then snapped off the drop-out at both chainstay and seatstay - looked about £5ks worth of damage. I ride a full carbon cross frame which takes all manner of abuse.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • giant_man
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    I don't race so much less or a risk for me. Seven years and still going strong on the same carbon frame.
  • cougie
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    Far more likely to break a wheel in a pothole than a frame ?

    Any impact that will bust a CF frame would also do the same to steel or aluminium I reckon.
  • Wappygixer
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    My frame broke at the bonding after only 2 months, it was repaired and has been fine since.
    I ride a Kuota Kebel and the tubes are wafer thin to the point you could crush it with your hands I think.Due to this I get a bit concerned about where I leave it standing, just in case it falls.
    For the record I also work in a cycle workshop and I see lots of broken frames.I saw one alloy frame with carbon forks that had been in a head on with a car.The frame headtube snapped right off the rest of the frame, the forks looked completely undamaged surprisingly.