Challenge bike for the missus

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Hi got a bit off a problem missus wants to start riding more off road with her friends and me :roll: .
Her use off the bike would be mainly trail centres, canal, and some road work with kids, so can you find me a bike that has good ish spec for around the £500 quid mark?.
Oh yeah she is around 5foot 3 with a 28 inch inside leg.
So come on what can you find?


  • The Rookie
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    Get yourself to Halfrauds and see what deals they are cutting on a Carrera hardtail, best bang for your buck, that or a decathlon rockrider.

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  • The wife has a Trek 8000wsd 2009 model, and she say's it's very comfy
    Something like these maybe?? ... 26193.html ... e-ec019403
  • Hi cheers i have had enough off looking now but i keep coming back to the GT avalanche GTW 1.0 at pauls cycles for £500 ... b1s24p2191
    just not sure its small enough think it would be perhaps need supersonic the man with expert gt now how :D
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    Erm, try the bikes out perhaps.... SS cant tell you if it'll be small enough or not its all down to personal geometry.

    And why is it a problem riding with the missus, its great that she wants to get involved I had to urge my girlfriend on to do it but she loves it now and its great as I can spend money on the bikes and its also for her so I get away with more extravagant spendatures at times ;)

    Also allows us to do more stuff together and travel the country more visiting nice scenic places you cant get too in your car, or places that takes ages to walk too.
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    I'd recommend checking out the Carrera hardtails, although the GT you linked looks real nice, some good parts on offer.

    My girlfriend has taken a liking to my bikes and MTBing etc and always asks me questions, which I love :) . . . but she says she prefers the look of trials biking now O_o . . .

    Oh no.
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