Just got my new Planet-X - but noisy drivetrain

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Just taken delivery of my nice shiny Planet X SL Carbon with SRAM Rival groupset.

Not got a lot of experience of road bikes - but have been using a nice Tifosi with 105 groupset....

Just had the PX on the trainer - setting it up... and the drivetrain is ultra-noisy - just spinning with no power on. I swapped the rear wheel for the one of t'other bike with a 105 casette on - and it is MUCH quieter. The 105 groupset is relatively new.

I've got nothing else to compare it to - but is this normal? Everything looks ok (alignement etc - although had a little tweak with cables). Shifting is good... just noisy when the pedals are turning.




  • rake
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    i think its normal. ive got 105 chain block and sram crank and i get chain noise. its all new 200 mile ago.
  • Mmm - my 105 groupset is almost silent... and the wheel with the 105 casette in the PX is much quieter - so something is different somewhere....
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    I use my SRAM rival groupset with a kmc chain and 105 cassette,still pretty noisy.Im not too fussed though.
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    I think SRAM has a reputation for being a bit noisy.
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    blorg wrote:
    I think SRAM has a reputation for being a bit noisy.
    Typical bloody Yanks.
  • Got a SRAM force gruppo. Its quiet as a mouse has been from day one.

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  • Mmm - PX have been really helpful..... got to say, 1st class...

    Anyway - been out for the first ride - wind noise drowns out most of the drivetrain chatter - so think I can live with it.... although would be interested in what noise a 'riding partner' may hear riding alongside...

    Maybe just swap over the Shimano as things wear out....

    Loving the bike though... :D
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    I'm running a Force rear derailler with KMC chain and Dura Ace cassette. It's all pretty new with the exception of the very new chain which I bought to replace the original Sram chain in hopes of quieting things down a bit.

    It didn't work. :(

    Still, the set up shifts/ runs as smooth as you like and I only really notice the noise while on the rollers.
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    blorg wrote:
    I think SRAM has a reputation for being a bit noisy.

    Only the Red cassette is noisy (which I do own and use). I have the PG 1070 Force/Rival cassette too and it's quiet.

    It must be the set up, I'm sure it can be adjusted to get rid of the noise, have a look at this:


    Once it's running as it should I'm sure you will write Shimano off as a poor alternative!
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    thats a bit out of date. the front rival (assume force ass well) does have trim on the big chainring.
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    rake wrote:
    thats a bit out of date. the front rival (assume force ass well) does have trim on the big chainring.

    The video still shows how to set the rear mech up correctly.........
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    I had a noisy drivechain on my new PX stealth....(ultegra groupset) when on the turbo. I initially thought it was a rattling cassette ' noisy hub, however when i swapped wheels over, my road wheelset was noisy on the bike too, both sets of wheels were quiet on my road bike

    When i went out for my first TT, the i couldn't hear the drivechain noise, but the chain was skipping occasionally under load.

    I finished and had a really good look at the chain and found a sideplate rivet (not the joining rivet) on a brand new 5600 10 speed chain has failed, causing the siteplate to gape on load...

    PX sent me a new chain to replace the failed one. I'm very pleased with the PX customer service.
  • I've got Rival also, and once the indexing is taken care of, I've found that using Finish Line Wet (green bottle) noticeably quitens down the drivetrain compared to my normal lube
  • Thanks MM - funnily enough I use FL wet on my MTBs - and put a small amount on the PX before I used it. Will see how it settles down.... thanks..