cube reaction HS33 or Elixir R

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this will be my first serious mtb and i'm unsure on which of these 2 cubes to go for. as far as i can see the only difference is in the brakes, is this correct? if i was to go for the Elixir it would be in the sid blue but i have found the HS33 on at just over £1k so its a big differance in price :? am i just paying more to have a blue bike (i do love the blue)

if anyone could help me by explaining the differences it would be a grest help as i have fallen for the charm of the Cube :P
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  • fastyan
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    right i've been doing some searching but the only version of HS33 brakes i can find are hydrolic calipper brakes but the picture of the bike shows discs on it? could someone please shed some light on this for me please
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  • HS33 are hydraulic rim brakes, where as the elixers are disc, personally i would rate the elixers higher as they are a great brake system and are virtually maintenece free. Also they can be run with disc rims and provide better all weather braking as are unaffected by the dirt/ water on the rims.

    I can only assume that the picture is wrong as the hs33's look like this: ... elID=30744

    Do you have a link to the bikes??

    Hope this helps
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    Yeah the Elixers are disc and TBH for this price range the disc will be a better option.

    Accoridng to the cube website the other main differance is the fork. A Fox 32 F100RL O/B 100mm, Lockout on the HS33 model and a Rock Shox Sid Race 100mm, Motion Control, PopLoc on the Elixir R model. Additionally the HS33 is a mix of SLX components, whereas the Elixir R is more XT based.

    Spec from here; ... 36137_.htm
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    I've read a few posts where people claim issues with Elixir R brakes but I run them on all 3 of my bikes and find them to be superb.
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    thank you all for your replies, certainly dont want rim brakes and i think thats probably why the price has been reduced to clear them. Can't post a link to the bike as i'm on my phone at the moment but the picture shown was identical to the elixir in black which is what caught my eye.
    I'd rather have the sid blue anyway so looks like i will have to pay full price :(
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  • Cube UK don't really bring in the HS33 so it's not an option. It just appears in the spec list as they are popular on the continent.

    The Elixir is the standard model. Go with that.
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    Just to show you, this is the link to the REACTION HS33 i found ... -hs33.html

    Deffinately shows it with discs :x good job i asked you boys first as i nearly bought it!!!
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