Creaking crank set (I think)

Piersy Boy
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When I pedal I get a creaking noise down by the pedals. What can I do to stop the noise?

Is it a loose crank set or loose pedals? I don't want to cause damage before I tinker so I am asking first.

Thanks in advance

Piersy Boy


  • balthazar
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    Depending on your crank/bottom bracket design, it's unlikely to be the crank fitting itself. Chainring bolts would be my first suspect, followed by pedal axles.

    However, these sorts of things can be enormously difficult to find unless you're lucky: other culprits may be front wheel quick-release, stem/handlebar interface, saddle rails, or cable junctions. You probably need to use a process of elimination. Good luck.
  • GavH
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    Only time I've experienced this a squirt of WD40 on the pedals sorted it right out. It happened months later and the same WD40 was deployed again, curing the problem a second time. In each case it was most pronounced when really pressing down on the pedals ie when climbing. I'm using 105 SPD-SL pedals, yellow cleats and a FSA Gossamer crankset if it's any help.
  • Sorted it!!! I decided to just finish servicing the bike as usual and the last thing I did was lube the chain and Hey has stopped.

    So thanks anyway.