Specialized Sirrus Elite - gear cable problem?

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I bought a Specialized Sirrus Elite hybrid at the weekend. I thought changing gears sounded a bit strange so I put it on the workstand to move it through all the gears and check they were indexed properly. I noticed that every time I moved to a higher gear on the back sprocket (smaller sprocket ring) there is a strange annoying tinny ping sound as the cable is released. I get the same sound when I change down the front chainrings - i.e. again when the cable is released.

I think the sound may be the cables pinging against the frame as they are released as I noticed that the two gear cables cross each other (touching each other and the frame) under the bottom tube that slopes down from the fork to the bottom bracket. This seems a strange set-up to me as the the rear gear cable goes from the shifters on the right of the bars (as is normal on a bike) through a cable housing on the other (left) side of the bottom tube, which doesn't seem normal on bikes as it then has to cross undeneath the bottom tube (and the other gear cable) to get to the bottom bracket cable housing and then the rear mech.

My audax bike and wife's hybrid bike are set-up as I think most bikes are, so that the rear mech cable runs from the shifter down the right hand side of the frame sloping tube to the bottom bracket and rear mech, and the front mech cable runs down the other side. The cables do not meet in the middle or touch the frame and there is no annoying tinny sound when the cables are released as gears are changed.

So if anyone can help, my questions are:
1) Are all Specialized Sirrus bikes mean't to be set-up this way? (if so, I can't see why as would seem better to run each cable down the other sides so they don't cross and touch the frame)
2) is this set-up causing the tinny ping sound as I suspect?

Any advice would be appreciated.


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    I have a sirrus hybrid which i don't ride much anymore and its cables cross, so i expect they are all the same. Never noticed an annoying ping sound when changing to a higher gear though. What your saying makes sense to me, would seem a better design to not cross. I'd take it back to shop if its bothering you, ask them to have a quick look, they won't mind, or wait for your first free service then mention it.
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      Same crossed cabling arrangement as you describe
    Not noticed a 'ping' sound, but then any sound may be dampened by the dirt on the cables at the moment :(
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    I've got a Sirrus. Its cables cross on the downtube. It doesn't make a pinging noise (if that were the cause, yours would probably ping on upshifts too). I suspect you've got a sticky cable.

    To debug it, try removing the front derailleur cable from the mix by slackening it off as much as possible (don't remove it just yet) and move it out of the way. I suspect you'll still get the pinging noise.

    Most important: does it shift well? If so, I'd ignore it. If not, I'd clean it well, lube the cables, and perhaps replace the rear cable.
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    Crossed cables give a better run round the head tube and stop worn paintwork and rattles. They should be clear of the down tube however.
  • They're probaly pinging because they're nice and new. The springs in the derailers are new and clean, after commuting a week or two on it you'll get plenty of crap in it all and it will get hush up a bit.
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    They're probaly pinging because they're nice and new. The springs in the derailers are new and clean, after commuting a week or two on it you'll get plenty of crap in it all and it will get hush up a bit.

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    Thanks for replies. I took bike back to the Specialized store tonight and found most of their bikes have crossed wires as they reckon pull smoother that way. They say ping noise is cable tension because new and will quieten over time. They adjusted gears as chain rubbing at front derailler in low gears when in middle ring. I had also discovered a clicking of cranks or pedals but when we tried it over about 50 yards outside the shop that seemed to have gone.

    However on getting home I gave the bike a quick 6 mile circuit and there is a really bad click when pressing hard on pedals. Feels like they are about to snap but may just be the crap pedals that came with the bike. I will try changing pedals and run the bike in a bit more and see if there is any improvement as at present it's annoying and definitely not right.
  • postman
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    I thought my new Spesh Secteur Elite .Bought Thursday had been set up wrong .Only noticed it today .I have sent an e-mail and photo .Never seen this before .

    But it seems common .Thank you for your question .It has put my mind at rest .I didn't fancy the bike being messed with .
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    My wife bought a Sirrus sport this weekend and the two wires re the gears front( on the left) and rear (on the right) run parallel.

    As it's been stated that 2009 model has crossed wires does that mean that we have a 2010 model which has been modified?.

    Otherwise no probs. and the wife is over the moon with it.
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    I was on the internet while 11-30 last night .
    Checking up on this new to me idea ,and it is ok .It's not a problem or a mechanic gone bonkers .

    And it does not affect performance .

    If you google Specialized cross gear cabling ,you will see loads of questions .And on this very site .Someone asked the same question a couple of years back ..So it's been around a while .

    Me being an old fart 60 .I don't like change .

    But the bike oh my -it's stunning .Not been out on it yet though .

    All the best to everyone who has helped with this question .