Campagnolo Centaur Rear Mech

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I'm having problems getting my rear mech set up properly. If it shifts up smoothly then it won't shift down smoothly and vice versa. Very frustrating. I'm running a medium cage on an 11/25 cassette. I have read on this site somewhere that they recommend a short cage for this cassette. Is this correct and if so, what is the major difference?


  • bice
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    Is the spring OK - it wants to go back down the cassette? What about the cable run? Is it giving you a bit of slack when you release the cable?
  • Wappygixer
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    Do you have a kink in your gear cable?
    Are your gear cables old?
    Is your mech hanger bent, even slightly?
  • holybinch
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    I have to say that I'm with you on this one Craigbes.
    Utter PITA to tune properly compared to Shimano that Campag jobby.

    Lovely once you've managed though :)

    Have you double-checked the routing of your cable?
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  • stoobydale
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    Have to disagree, Campag far easier to set up and seem to have a bit more tolerance. I would look at your cables for the problem you describe.
  • Monty Dog
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    Agree that cables is likely to be your problem unless of course the mech is completely gunked-up. Release the cable clamp screw and see if the mech settles correctly over the small sprocket - if not, take it off give it a good seeing too with a toothbrush and cleaner to free-up the pivots and parallelogram.
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  • tenor
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    1) IMake sure you read the Campagnolo instructions carefullyas the initial alignment is on the middle sprocket - not the outer one as recommended for Shimano
    2) cable installation can be critical starting with the seating of the cable in the lever housing
    3) no problem with a medium rear mech, which is also more versatile should you favour a larger 29 sprocket for some rides.
  • stoobydale
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    No problem fitting a 29 sprocket with a short cage. Not with campag anyway :wink: