Problem with V brake adjustment

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My wife's hybrid has Tektro V brakes and I can't get them set right. From the start position the brakes are applied okay, but when I release the brake one of the brake arms does not spring back - it just moves back very slightly meaning that the brake pad still rubs slightly against the rim. I have disconnected the brake arms from the cable to test and they both spring back okay when disconnected, so nothing seems to have seized up. I have also tried tightening the centring screw on the arm that doesn't release properly and loosening the other screw a bit, but that doesn't make any difference.

The bike is only a year old and has not been used much so I doubt there is anything wrong with the components - it seems to be the set-up, but I can't seem to get the arm to spring back when the brake is released. Any advice on what I can do to fix this problem would be appreciated.


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    Sounds like you've done everything right. Normally tinkering with the centering screws does the trick, although i'd give the brake a good squeeze as your adjusting. Once they're centered you get the correct distance from the rim by loosening the bolt holding the brake cable and pulling it tighter or letting it out a little. If this doesn't work the brake probably has seized and needs oiling. Last resort move the spacers on the brake pad to create a gap from the rim.
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    Give the spring a tweak and give it more of a bend, other than that use the top of the three spring mount holes if you have them.
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    i had the same problem, the trick BUT DON'T OVER DO IT! is to bend the spring slightly away from the rim. just to give it that bit bumph. I guess after use the springs just get a bit worn in that sense. See if that works