Superstar Components Tech2 XC Wheelset

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I'm in the process of building a new xc bike for my 13 y/o son.

I've got a 2008 Rockhopper frame, second hand Toras, and a host of other components.

I'm now looking at wheels, and with 25% off the superstar wheels look good to me, anyone got any opinions on them? or better still personal experience?

I have to say I've been impressed with anything I've purchased from superstar so far, sso I'd imagine that the quality of the wheels would be equaly as good.


  • supersonic
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    I don't have any experience with these, but my nose says, if built well... a bargain.
  • kenan
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    I got these in the switch variant last month with red hubs. Had a look at wheels in local bike shops etc and for the money I had to give them a go. They are not light weight wheels (check the specs) but aren't heavier than what they replaced and I have no complaints.

    If you want to knw anything specific let me know.
  • Shire
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    Thanks guys, I've placed and order for them, for less than 100 quids they do look a bit of a bargain, and looked a lot better than what was on offer for similar price.

    I'll let you know how they look/preform in the flesh!
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    i to have been looking at wheelsets recently, spending some time on the dt calc and getting weights for wheelsets.

    saw the superstar superleggera xc pro wheelset at around £187 which weighs in at circa 1700g - seems a bit of a bargain at the price and the weight of them
  • Hello we do custom builds to whatever spec/price you need.

    We are clearing out our current pre-builds to make way for our new range arriving in a couple of months. Its all tweaks and evolutions of our current stock, so spare parts etc will be exchangeable. New range will be lighter, pimper, even better finished and generally tweaked to perfection.

    But i doubt you will find better value at these prices, dont leave it too long as we are running out of the popular items fast. 2 year warranty on everything.

    if you have any questions please feel free to get in touch (tuesday will be uber busy but we will do our best!)

  • Andy
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    Yeah I bet the new stuff has a bigger price as well :wink:
  • Should be about the same roughly! Exchange rates will make this difficult though, we are down against the dollar again in the last few weeks.

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    Look forward to seeing the new pimpier gear neil! Any rumours of straight pull?
  • Shire
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    Just some feedback, as promised

    Wheels, QR's (and a pimptastic blue titanium topcap/bolt for my cube) arrived super fast, as I've come to expect from Superstar.

    First impressions are that the wheels were a bargain!

    Look great, build quality seems good, overall very pleased with them.

    Given that they were bought for my son, his very is probably more important, and to say he's delighted with the wheels and bike as a whole, is a vast understatment!

  • M6TTF
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    Top stuff, good to hear they hit the mark!