Any good bike fitters in Northern Ireland / Ireland ?

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Just seen the Wales question and I thougt I'd ask the same about over here :wink:

I phoned one shop this morning who told I could keep my jeans on :shock: Just bring my pedals and shoes.

The Specialised system looks great ie. BG bike fit.....can't seem to find them listed here.

BikeDynamics also looks super but it's a plane trip away for me :cry:

Thanks in advance...


  • tbeat
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    i have not tried it but, im aware of xtreme cycles in Omagh does a form of bike fit. cicli sport in cookstown will be introducing specialized BG Fit but not until maybe end of this year... i also think mc convey cycles do a bit fit.

  • Guz
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    Cheers Trev,

    I've tried the McConvey TYPE years ago, BUT not at McConvey Cycles. They are actually a great shop. Got my Giant TCR there a few years back. By todays standard (BikeDynamics & BG Fit) it seems pretty basic and lacks critical measurements :(

    Talked to Xtreme Cycles, told me I didn't need to bring cycling shorts, sorta put me of a bit.
    Most fitters advise wearing cycling apparell.

    The BG Fit looks brilliant to me. Seems that BG and BikeDynamics are the only ones doing actual on the bike pedalling assesments.