Which oil for chain and Reba stanchions?

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I have been using Finish Line Cross Country Wet Lubricant for both but I am running out of it. Only had the forks for 2 months so I wondered if it is OK for the stanchions?

If not, would any of these be better for the stanchions:
- Finish Line Dry Lubricant Teflon
- Finish Line Krytech Lubricant

I only use the bottle, not the spray.
Thanks a lot guys.


  • i'd use a very small smeer of fork oil applied using a rag.
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    i use bikehut dry lube (teflon based) for my recons and drivetrain. it's cheap, and it works, so why not?
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    I use this,

    http://www.directa.co.uk/site/scripts/p ... ory_id=590

    Its silicone based. Spray it on, wipe off and it doesn't leave a sticky/greasy residue.
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    I use Finish Line Wet Cross Country lube (bottle) for both chain and fork (Rebas also) and have had no issues over the last year. Infact it was recomended here;

    http://www.bikeradar.com/mtb/forums/vie ... highlight=
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    i use finish line dry in the summer and wet in winter for the chain. for the stanctions/dust wipers on my rebas i use 15wt rockshox suspension fluid every few rides, cycle forks then wipe clean with tissue paper. i get about 1000-1500 miles out of the chain (xtr) and forks have been good for about 10,000 miles so far, with a motion control self service and oil change at about 7000 miles.
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    even though iam new to this scene, i thought i would give you my opinion
    i remove the chain ( 10 sec. job ) clean it in turps or the like in a plastic milk bottle then oil every link with 3 in 1 from halfords wipe dry with a cloth and hey presto good as new for a 10 minute job
    with my stantions i hose down bike put a few drops of 3 in 1 on the stansions bump the forks wipe clean with tissue and yes you guessed it hey presto good as new for a 2 minute job!
    now i await for someone to tell me how much bad iam doing!!

    cheers paul

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    For the forks, I use fork oil, since I've got tons of the stuff for motorbike use anyway. I do have a can of that Fork Juice too which seems good but doesn't draw muck out of the seals as well as fork oil does.

    For the chain, I just clean it with paraffin much like nipper then relube with whatever seems appropriate. Finish line dry aerosol stuff in the summer for convenience, white lightning wet just now. Lubing the chain off the bike is so much easier and quicker.
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