Issac Warranty Issue

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Bought an Isaac Impulse 2006 model in June last year from the then current UK distributors RBS Performance.
Assured it had valid warranty even though Isaac then had gone under.
Dismantled late last year and the lower of the two holes that the rear mech hanger screws in to has disintegrated (half is missing).
Never crashed or banged and rest of frame is spotless to back up that it's not been crashed.
I contacted the new distributors in Holland, Tehava, of the relaunched Isaac and sent them pictures of said area and of the receipt with my name and card details on proving I was the initial purchaser.
3 weeks later Tehava came back and said "The warranty is rejected. This frame is not sold under normal distribution line. It has no warranty."
I instantly appealed saying it was sold under normal lines and RBS had sold loads of bikes like this.
Tehava reverted to Isaac again and 3 1/2 weeks later after I chased it Tehava have now asked if I have a copy of the warranty papers.
I emailed a picture of these to Tehava who have sent on to Isaac. They were not filled out by me or RBS.
Why do they want these when the receipt proves I am the original purchaser ? They don't have a frame number on and are just a generic document issued with all Isaac frames at the time.
I don't think they have even looked at the damage and are trying void warranty before looking at the damage.
I expect them to decline it again re the warranty papers and then regarding nature of damage when I object again.

How do I stand legally with this given RBS are no longer in existence and Isaac have been reborn with new owners ?
I'm sure I have read somewhere that the new Isaac would be honouring existing warranties as part of the deal for using the name.
If Tehava say declined on behalf of Isaac and won't take the matter any further what options do I have ?

I think they are trying to wriggle out of their responsibilities. What do you think ?

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    Your claim is with RBS who sold you the bike - they should make good regardless of the warranty otherwise threaten them with the small claims court.
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    If RBS don't exist any more you'll have to hope that the new Isaac do honour the warranty. Grey area I think.

    I've bought two pc's partly because of the warranty, and both times the manufacturers have gone bust. Buggered.

    I also had £50 worth of Wheelbase vouchers when I left my last job. While I was deciding what to buy they went bust. Buggered again. Surprised to see a company trading as Wheelbase with the same address a couple of months later. Oddly enough they wouldn't accept the vouchers.
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    This is worrying. I have an Isaac.

    I'll have a word with my LBS next time in there as they're thinking about stocking them again.