wheel truing in Aberdeen?

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I need a couple of wheels trued up - i can do the side to side wobble myself but not the up and down wobbles! Anybody used Alpine Bikes in Aberdeen for this, if so, did they do a good job?


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    To be honest, doing the vertical trueness is pretty similar to doing the lateral trueness. Both just involve tightening spokes in the target area. So if you can do one I would have thought you're perfectly capable of doing the other too.

    Unless you mean that you don't have any way of telling where the regions that need truing are for the vertical aspect. In which case I'm sure you could mock something up using the frame.

    But vertical trueness is less of an issue anyway. The wheel can be vertically out by a greater margin than it can laterally. I think lateral trueness is meant to be within 0.3 mm of perfect whereas vertical can be a millimetre or maybe even two before it's an issue.

    And you wouldn't feel it when riding the bike even if it was quite a bit out.
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    If by up and down wobbles you mean a flat spot (from hitting a pothole or similar) then there is not much you can do, this is because you have bent the rim.
  • We're not exactly spoilt for choice in Aberdeen to be honest.

    Never actually used Alpine bikes, but did speak to them about a few things and they were knowledgable and helpful. Edinburgh bike co op, I really don't have a lot of time for the people that work at the front or the manager, but the mechanics have been good to me in the past if perhaps a little limited in knowledge. Foundary bikes, I went once, I won't be going again. I've heard very good things about the shop in Inverurie (sorry name escapes me) but never used it myself.

    Sorry I can't be more helpful.
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    Alpine bikes at Innerleithen were good to me when my tyre came off the rim when i was passing through. Very helpful.