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Go outdoors sale

shrekstershrekster Posts: 35
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Go outdoors are flogging off certain types of Paramo jackets. Nearly half price, limited colours though.



  • jimmypippajimmypippa Posts: 1,712
    I just bought one (from a different shop)

    The bikeradar review (for a related jacket) is pretty spot-on
    Pocket provision isn’t great: a front pouch and an internal pocket/handwarmer you can only reach y unzipping the vents, but performance is excellent: it’s light and soft, and the Nikwax Analogy Light fabric is waterproof and breathable. Which is why it’s the one we’ve been opting to wear on really cold days, whether crisp and dry or wet and windy.
    Our favourite bits are the high collar which you can fully tuck yourself into when the elements get nasty,

    And the two user reviews are also pretty accurate:
    I've used Paramo gear for over 10 years when hillwalking. It's superb clothing, exceptionally breathable, durable and waterproofness can be maintained indefinitely with the correct reproofing and washing.

    I still have a Paramo coat from 10 years ago that works as well as the day it was bought even after a lot of hard use.

    I've only recently taken up mountain biking and use my original Velez smock for cooler days. Nikwax Analogy tends to be warmer than Goretex, especially if you run (or cycle!) warm, but it's breathability is far superior - so you tend to stay drier with less condensation.

    This new lighter version looks an interesting improvement. Expensive, but given how long Paramo garments seem to last - then worth every penny.

    The material is very durable and breathable - I have another paramo jacket from 1992 that I still use frequently. It is looking a little scruffy, and isn't suitable for cycling, but still is great for winter hillwalking, and a lot more breathable than gore-tex in the cold and damp. Pretty indistinguishable from a good windproof as far as breathability is concerned.

    Indeed there have been occasions when I have put the jacket onto wet clothes, and they have dried whilst it was still raining.

    I bought the Velez, because I wanted something that I could use cycling, and for lighter/faster trots in the hills.

    It is a bit warm, so I will only wear it cycling when it is bad weather. Today was very comfortable.
  • AndyMancAndyManc Posts: 1,393
    Hmmmm, I think I'd prefer a hi-vis cycling specific jacket, £100 is a lot of money for a 'jack of all trades'. :roll:

    Specialized Hardrock Pro/Trek FX 7.3 Hybrid/Specialized Enduro/Specialized Tri-Cross Sport
  • jimmypippajimmypippa Posts: 1,712
    AndyManc wrote:
    Hmmmm, I think I'd prefer a hi-vis cycling specific jacket, £100 is a lot of money for a 'jack of all trades'. :roll:


    I agree. I bought it for running/walking quickly on the hills, which is what it is designed for. I am using it as my main waterproof jacket. It still breathes OK with a high-viz tabard on top.

    I did ask about high vis colours and more scotchlite, and they do make one in "citrus" which is pretty much fluro-yellow. However it is currently only available in Cov't Garden...
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