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Decision time - advice appreciated on Hardtail c.£400

TrnovaTrnova Posts: 4
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Hi all,

I'm getiing a bike through my company with cyclescheme and have been doing some bits of research on the internet.

I've narrowed my choices down to the following:

Trek 4300 disc £450

Giant Terrago disc £450 (2009 model)

Mongoose Tyax Elite £450

GT Avalanche 2.0 £450 (2009 model)

Your advice as to which would be the most suitable bike would be greatly appreciated.

Just to give you some background on what I would use the bike for.....

I will be cycling to work through fields, along bridleways and canal towpaths.
I will use the bike on trails in mid-wales, peak district, cotswolds, forest of dean etc, but not particulary anything that demanding on the bike.
I would like the option of fitting a child seat to the back if I need to pick up my daughter from childminders etc.

Over to you guys. Any thoughts or alternative suggestions?

Cheers...... Neil


  • Rich HcpRich Hcp Posts: 1,355
    You need the one that fits best.

    If two are the same, the coolest one.

    (Din't let your daughter decide unless you want a pink bike!)

    Giving it Large
  • TrnovaTrnova Posts: 4
    All the bikes are from a couple of local independent shops. I intend to try the bikes as I need to pop in to the shops to get quotes for cyclescheme.

    I just want some advice on the specs really as I'm not au fait with the components. For example are suntour forks any good? then there's the arguements about mechanical and hydraulic brakes / forks and all sorts....

    Have to say the lime green trek stands out a bit if it does come down to what looks best!
  • TrnovaTrnova Posts: 4
    Sorry for the shameful bump, but I would be grateful for anyone's views, thoughts or advice.

  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Value wise are all pretty good - the Giant probably shades the spec whilst the Trek comes in last.

    It is a case of seeing what feels best to you. All are decent bikes.
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