Thinner tyres on a fast sports hybrid

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Hi guys,

Sorry for the boring question but can you tell me if I would notice a big difference moving from a 700x37c tyres to 700x28c tyres? Is it noticeably lighter and faster?

Any disadvantages of this?

Cheers in advance! :)


  • pitchshifter
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    Faster yes, Lighter yes.

    Be careful cornering in the rain.
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    At 28mm there is a good choice of light, thin, flexible slick tyres with low rolling resistance. Such a tyre could probably be made at 37mm or so, but I've never heard of it; the tyres you have are probably fairly heavy, inflexible, and thick-treaded. You'll notice a speed advantage for these reasons, more then simply the size.
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    Guys, thanks very much for you replies.

    I will make the transition to 28mm from 37 now!

    Cheers again! :)
  • toybhoy
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    Oh and it'll be this tyre I'll be getting simply because its the only 700x28c tyres that this Drakes cyclesdo which I'll be getting as part of my free accessories deal when buying a bike from here ... 0s121p1920

    Would these be okay or shall I just buy better tyres elsewhere and use the free accessories for something else incase these tyres aren't any good.
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    The standard Schwalbe Marathon (not Pus version) is an excellent all-round commuter style tyre. They are towards the fatter end of 28mm and usable on tracks and trails in summer. They are not regarded as a "fast" tyre, you can get ones which are slicker and more flexy.
    I have used 28mm on my road/commuter and 32mm on my tourer.
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    I have a fast Ridgeback Meteor flat bar road bike (it was a hybrid when I started) which came with 700 x 35 tyres as standard. I wanted a quicker tyre with lower rolling resistance, expecially for long Audax rides, and chose Continental Sport Contact. I was very pleased with them. I have not used the Schwalbe Marathons you suggsted.

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  • toybhoy
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    Thanks guys.

    I think I'll go for it then. Getting them free anyways and would make sense as an all rounder as I will be going on some light gravel on my commute to work.