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Need help with tyre size for commuting!

theymademedoittheymademedoit Posts: 34
edited March 2010 in MTB buying advice
I have a Giant XTC and its got off road tryres at the mo and its really hard cycling 6 miles to work up hill most of the way.
I want some semi's that will make it easier but I am skint right now.
I have looked at the size on there now and they are 26'' x 2.10''.
I was looking at Schwalbe Land Cruiser 26" x 1.9/2'' but will these fit if my existing ones are 2.1''??
Also any suggestions for alternative would be great!


  • 13ADL1X13ADL1X Posts: 151
    You should have no problems going smaller its normally when you try to go bigger that you can knacker your frame.

    I recently went from 2.1" to 1.3" slicks (Conti Sport Contacts) and its added roughly 5mph to my commute (on the fast bits). Just don't ride on wet grass!!!!
    The trail is long and my legs are burning but I can't stop smiling.
  • Cheers for the reply....another question....will the tubes in my existing set up be ok for the new semi's?
  • 13ADL1X13ADL1X Posts: 151
    They should be fine as most inner tubes for a 2.1" will fit anything from about 1.75".

    I had to get new tubes but thats coz there was such a massive difference in size. You are only dropping about .2" so should be able to use the same tubes you currently use.
    The trail is long and my legs are burning but I can't stop smiling.
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