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SPD shoes

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I've got a pair of pretty big feet size 12/13. As such, I'm struggling to find large SPD shoes (why are they so narrow?). I've only tried Shimano shoes as thats what I can try on near me.

I can't be the only person who suffers with this problem so can anyone recommend some brands which are either a slightly wider fit or do big clown sizes?

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  • ian220476ian220476 Posts: 164
    I'm an 11 so not quite in your league but when i was buying my first pair I was advised that Shimano are a bit on the narrow side and to try Northwave. They were correct and the Northwave have been brilliant since. I think it was the 'Lizard' that I got
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    Wiggle returns is very good and, IIRC, Lake shoes come in different width fittings. Order two different-sized pairs and return the size that doesn't fit.

    That said, I had trouble with Shimano with my wide size 10 feet. Then I tried a size up in their R086 and, to my surprise, they fitted.
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  • Sidi do extra wide (mega) shoes in all sizes, I would link to CRC but it seems to have crashed :?
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