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Diamondback Axis

muckymelmuckymel Posts: 2
edited March 2010 in MTB buying advice
Help !

Hi, I've just joined this forum and I'm looking for advice on buying a new hardtail.
Been looking at loads but the diamondback axis has good running kit on board but i'm concerned about the stigma of a diamondback frame ! all hydroformed and looks good, whats the verdict ? Is it good enough, it states on bikeradar forum that it copes with a little cliumsiness on the trails ????? What does that mean,and is it good enough for trail riding, Cwmcarn, Afan, Glyncorrwg etc ?



  • mrfmilomrfmilo Posts: 2,250
    It'll be fine. Nice forks, brakes, drivetrain etc. on it. Don't know anything about the frame but it's probably just a generic that loads of other companies use. :P

    Another option are the Boardman bikes?
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