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The benefits of crossweave tape....

hamboneshambones Posts: 407
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Slight misfortune this afternoon... When retrieving my bike from the warehouse I discovered a 2 inch gash in the tyre (how I had ridden into work without noticing it is quite beyond me as the inner tube was shredded, although I do remember hitting a pothole at an angle and thinking 'Hmmm not good').

Well there I was, stuck at work wondering how to get home when it struck me to use some mighty crossweave tape (of which we have 80,000 rolls!). A bit of a botch job later (3 layers of 2" crossweave) and I was good to go. There was a slight bulge in the tyre wall after I had pumped up to around 80psi but I thought I'd venture out on the 8 mile journey home.

Well sitting here in the warm and dry I can honestly vouch for the versatility of this fine product which has helped me home. :D

Note: other waterproof tapes are available for similar bodging!!
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  • gert_lushgert_lush Posts: 634
    Good work, I am a big fan of "the bodge"
    cutting up an old tube of sovol autosol and taping that over a gash on the inside of the tyre also seems to do the job!
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