Altura Reflex Waterproof Jacket

GhallTN6 Posts: 505
edited March 2010 in MTB buying advice
When I got this Jacket back in July last year, I was really amazed with it, very light, 100% waterproof, and mega breathable, plus it rolled into a tiny little bundle, what more could you want from a jacket.

However, six months later and I'm completely gutted, the zips are complete rubbish, I never really used the pockets, but a couple of weeks ago I thought that I'd see what I could get in the back pocket in readiness for a race, well, once I'd managed to get it open, it wouldn't close again, the chest pocked ripped completely off as I attempted to open it, and yesterday, the main zip failed to move at all, rendering the jacket now 100% useless!!

I washed it every couple of rides, with the correct liquid, so what did I do wrong.. has anyone else had the same problem with this jacket or any other (I also had an Endura Pheonix jacket which went the same way). I know with the UK weather they do take a lot of mud, but surely they should last more than one season!

What jacket should I buy now, I'm kind of thinking that I should also stick to an LBS as at least I can plead with them should it happen again.