Wiltshire/hampshire/dorset downhill

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Hey guys, I'm just getting into downhill after spending a few years doing xc

I've started off with a Kona stinky which i bought off a guy at my work. Perfect condition as he rode it twice!!

Just wondering if there are any good trails around that you may know of, or will it be a case of going to bikepark or trekking it over the boarder to merry old wales to get some good rides???

any comments appreciated :)


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    There's some good riding in Wiltshire if you're prepared to hunt for it! Try West woods, near east kennett, if you're over that way. UK Bike park is always a laugh, then there's Leckhampton... all depends how far you feel like going :)
  • MiloXC3MiloXC3 Posts: 84
    I live in Hampshire, the closest I know are:

    Queen Elizabeth country park.
    Queen Victoria country park.
    My local trails but they're secret as we haven't finished all the tracks.
    Lordswood, Southampton.
    Apart from them, the rest are ones I've never been to or are too far away.
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    uk bike park - blandford
    {insert smartarse comment here}
  • If you are a rookie, then box woods is always fun for jumps and downhill rides. My friend has a kona stinky and rides it there. It suits it well, but could easily cope with much harder stuff. It is near bath, just above box tunnel in the woods. X :lol:
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    For Hampshire and West Sussex you have Rogate, the Gravity Project in Lower Froyle and Stoughton (Kingley Vale near Chichester).
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  • On top of what the others have said:

    Tidworth, will be a CTC affiliated when it goes live.

    Gravity Project, Private but can pay per day £5
    Rogate, CTC affiliated live now.
    Hindhead, unofficial but bits and bobs there
    Lordswood, unofficial but bits and bobs there

    UK Bike Park, only local place with uplift
    Puddletown Woods, unofficial but lots in there
    Watchmoor Bike Park at moors vally Contry park.

    West Sussex:
    Stoughton DH, will be a CTC affiliated when it goes live.

    Other Places in the south worth a visit:

    South east:

    South west:

    Just north Us:
    Aston Hill, CTC affiliated live now.
    Swinley forest

    South wales:
  • There are loads of places to ride without driving too far.
    As well as those listed above there are trails at Longleat, near Warminster. Members only, £25 a year to ride. http://www.blackcanoncollective.co.uk/
    Also worth going to Rowberrow Warren, near Burrington Coombe in Somerset. Some excellent trails there.
  • SussexMTBSussexMTB Posts: 2
    You could check out http://sussexmountainbiking.wordpress.com/ It has trails from Hampshire, Kent and obviously Sussex.
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