is there anyone able to ID this bike from the pics?

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OK im just curiouse this was my first serious mountain bike in many many years. I had no idea who much quality was involved until i tried a claud butler and this beats the CB hands down for comfort and quality.

sorry i havnt included them in the post will try and do that soon but there are a few pics on there that should be able to help, have also got a pic of the serial number on there too.

I know its a long shot but someone might recognise it, im guessing its about 10-15 years old, I didnt take a pic of the front fork as i changed that when i really didnt know what i was doing, i have since learnt sometimes its better to have a fixed frame rather than a cheapy front sus fork, oh well we live and learn.

I have also fitted the mud guards pannier rack and front V brakes.

ROB :)
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  • jonnyc2420
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    i'm not 100% but it could be another claude butler frame - but i'm sure someone will be able to be more helpful - :?
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  • nicklouse
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    looks just like one of the normal generic frames that appear from time to time.

    It could be labelled up as many a frame and I am sure that you will get a lot of possible name given but it is just a generic frame.
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    WOW i didnt expect such a good reponse in a short time.

    thanks for the reply Nick having read a few of your posts i think its safe to say you know what your looking at :)

    ROB :)
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