Lubrication after rain?

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I'm a real newbie to Cycling starting just 7 weeks ago.

I was riding my new bike yesterday in absolutely filfthy conditions; raining like there was no tomorrow and mud on the roads washed from the fields.

Anyway, I got back home and hosed the bike down (hosed, not jetwashed) and I lubricated the chain. I just feel that I may be missing other items that need to be cleaned/lubricated after getting dirty and soaking wet.

Help appreciated.
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  • themightyw
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    Spray some degreaser on your chain and mech then wipe it off before re-lubing, otherwise you could just end up slapping clean oil on top of dirty. You can also pick up baby wipes half price in most supermarkets - they're great for giving a quick wipe down.
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    Wipe the brakes over with some baby-wipes (especially the rear, if you don't have mudguards) & lube. Also wipe down the wheel rims & check no grit has embedded itself in the brake blocks (listen for a scratching noise) - remove wheel & pick out any grit with a point.

    It may also be worth checking over the tyres for small cuts & embedded bits of glass/flint.
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    what do people mean when they say lube??? WD40??? a special bike lube?? are some things better than others to use
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    wd40 isn't a lube, if anything, spray it on before you apply a proper chain lube! which you can buy from any bike store, even halfords (if you dont mind being mugged)
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    how often should i de-grease and apply lube,

    (sorry for hijacking the thread but i think were in the same boat)
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    You should ideally re-lube after every wet ride. I must admit on my winter bike I probably only re-lube once a week. The more you care for the bike, the longer it will last.

    Make sure you clean the chain 1st before you re-lube.
  • I use a teflon spray on a baby wipe to clean the chain (dunno why but it work wonders!) then bike oil to Lube the chain..

    Baby wipes for the frame, saddle, hoods, brakes, wheels, tires, and pretty much anything else I can make baby wiped based contact with =P

    If its REALLY mucky, ill give the cassette and front chainrings a good going over with a brush (yeah you guessed it) baby wipes!
  • Agree with cleaning after every wet ride, if you can (be bothered). :)

    I found that 'Finish Line - Dry Teflon Lube' works really well as a cleaner/lube.

    1. Apply to dirty chain. (Its Teflon lube dispersed in a solvent that evaporates, but the solvent does a really good job cleaning off the debris and muck)
    2. Wipe with cloth.
    3. Re apply Lube and allow to dry.
    4. Lightly wipe off excess.

    Total = 5 minutes.

    Only trouble is, at £5 a bottle, using as a cleaner is a little decadent.