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New Bike Choices, Any Suggestions Please

highwaymunkyhighwaymunky Posts: 124
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Yet another what bike should I get post... sorry but i'm struggling to decide.

Having been creamed by a cager a couple of months ago, I am finally about to get some money to get a new bike. I commute 11 miles each way from rotherham to sheffield each day, My old Langster has gone and MTB is in pieces s i'm currently using my wife Trek 1.2 (nice bike but a bit small) So When the money lands in 2 weeks i'm getting a new ride!


SingleSpeed (I love low maintenance)
Can fit rear Pannier Rack (have to carry laptop to work, sometimes)
Drop Bars (Because I love them) / Bull Horns (never tried them are they any good?)

So far I'm split between these : Trek 2nd District Drop Bars


And Genesis DayOne Cross


And a new discovery Felt Dispatch:

Any thoughts, reviews, or other suggestions for a SS commuting bike that can carry a rack. Cheers


  • lightfootlightfoot Posts: 12
    I'd recommend a Pearson Touche. I've used mine for a 15 mile each way commute for over two years. Great all rounder. Great service from the shop. Well worth looking at.
  • u01akrgu01akrg Posts: 24
    I have a similar dilema, though my commute is 22 hilly miles each way. Thinking about getting a Surly Cross Check frameset (£330) built up - this gives the option to go geared until I get fit enough to attempt ss/fixed. Read plenty good reviews of the Surley, with some ditching their other bikes 'cos they stopped riding them altogether!

    First foray into deciding on individual parts - seems like decent spec will cost an awful lot more than the frameset... Will have to go cheap until I gather more pennies.
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