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Anyone had any success using BIKE CAD from
I'm looking for some help regarding comparing different sized frames for bike fit purposes and cant get Bike CAD to work for me. Is it worth persisting with or could anyone else recommend some other free drawing software that would allow me to do the same thing ?
Or should I just get the ruler, protractor and pencil out ?


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    It doesn't launch for me at work. I'll have a go at home tonight. Looks interesting cos I have a shortlist of 3 frames I'd like to compare
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    HAve you tried launching it by using the menu across the top of the page??

    It reads :

    About BikeCAD Rentals ......... etc.

    Click on BikeCAD and select Free Applets then BikeCAD.

    Should launch if you go through the right menu order.

    It's a very useful tool.

    BTW - you must have Java loaded and it does take a few minutes to load - so click the "run" - select which type of frame and then go to another window for a few minutes to give it time to load.
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