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hi i am new to the forum and looking for advice please
two years ago i sufferd a lower back injury that changed my life from a mad for it windsurfer / surfer and occasional mountain biker to a misrable git i ended up selling everthing including my old norco bomer mountain bike doh
any way two years on lots of rehabilitation work i am 90% better and in the market for a new bike
i have been to all the bike shops in my area sat on the bikes and had tests on them but only on the road outside the shop
most of the riding i will be doing will be very tame single track trails with the ocasional trip to wales afan ect also family riding tow paths and some roads
after the last two years i want to treat myself to some thing special i have a buget of 1300 and i am looking at buying second hand
my shortlist
trek ex8 ex9 really liked this bike in the shop but why are there so many for sale on ebay all the time am i missing something? giant trance giant anthem rocky mountain alltitude or a whyte 46 is thiss still a good bike or have things moved on ?
these bikes may seem a bit to much travell for what i need but i need to protect my back as much as possible and i might end up getting a tase for it so ineed to by the right bike straight off hope you can help any advice appriciated many thanks johno


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    welcome back to the wonderful world of bikes!

    be wary buying 2nd hand. lots of people do it ofc but the more complex the item, the more likely it will need care. I would factor a bushing, shock and fork service into your costs if buying a 2nd hand FS bike unless the seller can provide a service history.

    that said

    I have not ridden any of the bikes you listed (but would agree that 140-150mm of travel is a lot, but if you need t for your back then so be it)

    I'd look at the Yeti 575 aswell in the 5-6" travel range and Spider 2 in the 120 (not many of those about though)

    Also La pierre Zesty
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    I would also take a look at a Marin Mount Vision 5.8 just under 5" travel, and the shock and fork can be tuned to different conditions which basicaly means you can firm and soften the ride..the RP23 is excellent. It is also just as light as the EX8. You can get an 08 and 09 of ebay from £800 to £1,200. The position should also suit you..the spec is also great such as juicy carbon brakes, full xt drivetrain, and hope hubs, so spec wise a lot better than the EX8...the bearings also carry a lifetime warranty !! be a bit different ! you see loads of Treks, obviously this is a good thing but I looked at the Marin and love it to bits !
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