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Trek 2.1C, Orbea Aqua T105 or Ridley Compact

fieldy1973fieldy1973 Posts: 23
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I'm looking to buy a bike via Cyclescheme. I've discounted bikes which I can't buy through a LBS so the Ribble, Planet-X and Dolan options are all out for me.

Having read great things about the Cannondale CAAD9 I considered it my number 1 choice but my local Cannondale dealer has none in stock, isn't likely to get any in again until the end of April and couldn't guarantee I would be able to secure one then either.

Due to this my options have come down to the following:
Trek 2.1C - Didn't really consider this an option at first as I didn't want to look like a Lance Armstrong wannabe but after having a quick sit on one I was surprised at how comfortable the riding position was.
* Orbea Aqua T105 - I'm going to have a look at this at the weekend and am slightly swayed towards it as it's a bit more unusual and the groupset is just a tad better than the Trek
* Ridley Compact - I didn't think this would be an option as it is priced over the CycleScheme £1000 limit, but my LBS who stocks these mentioned that this wouldn't be a problem as I could top up the difference. It's main difference form the other two bike is that it is full Campagnolo Veloce groupset, but I'm not sure how that compares to Shimano 105. What I've read it appears to be much of a muchness, is this true? Also are the wheels much better or worse thn those of the Trek and Orbea?.

So, what this really boils down to is does anyone have any experiences (good or bad) of these bikes that they think I should know and if confronted with the same choice which would you go for?

Thanks in advance.


  • gabriel959gabriel959 Posts: 4,227
    there is no much in it i reckon, just get the one that fits the best and has the best looks in your opinion. Personally i would wait for the caad or get the orbea.
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  • SquillinossettSquillinossett Posts: 1,678
    Might be worth waiting for the CAAD9, its not too long away.

    Out of those chosen though, I would want the Ridley out of those, but as said, just go for the one that fits you best.
  • Orbea T105, i just collected mine on tuesday. I love it. Not had a chance to get a good ride yet but hopefully over the weekend i will. i went for the black white and red one. it looks amazing in the flesh!

  • Thanks for the feedback so far.

    I'm trying the Orbea tomorrow so I'll see how I get on with that.

    One last thing that might sway my purchase towards the Ridley is that the LBS that I would be purchasing that from has a bike fitting service from Has anyone had experience of this service? Is it worthwhile or is it more of a gimmick?
  • furiousdfuriousd Posts: 214
    I tried an Orbea Onix last week and really liked it, they did not have the Aqua in. I am 99% certain that i will be getting the Cube Attempt, might be worth a look as similar money and well specced.
  • Yeah, I've discovered another LBS that stocks Cube bikes so may give the Attempt a shot as well.

    The shop that does the Ridley also does Kuota bike and mentioned they were getting the Kuota Korsa Lite in soon. It's got full SRAM Rival groupset and should be priced round about the £1000 mark as well. Might be an option. Anyone know much about this bike?
  • Well I finally went for the Orbea and now have the wait for it to be delivered.
    I didn't go for the standard black and orange paintwork though as I prefered the Black/White/Red paintjob.

    Same as this but with Shimano 105 rather than Tiagra:
  • MulesMules Posts: 1
    Hi there
    Just wondering how you got on with the Aqua over time?
    LBS pointed them out to me on Saturday.
    Looking for a decent starter bike on CTW.
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