Changing Mavic freehubs

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Hi folks. I'm planning to upgrade my wheels soon, from Aksiums to Kysriums. I'm gonna put the Aksiums on my winter bike, but will need to change the freehub body from Campagnolo to Shimano. I've already had sound advice about this in the buying section of the forum, but i need to know which tool i have to use to change the freehub body? I can't find anything on the Mavic website. Help!



  • VIN0
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    EEES use mechanic or if veeery poor use 5mm allen key.

    Ave mechanical calves
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    Maybe not on the bit of the Mavic site you were looking on, but try their dealer extranet ! ... /logon.php
    - login is mavic-com, pswd is dealer
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    allen key for the axle, then you literally pull the freehub off ! Maybe a little tight so give it some welly ! Watch for the 3 paws and springs though, your need to grease them and go careful on re-installing. One tip is to loosly zip tie the paws and springs in position, partly install, then carefully remove the zip-tie...push fully in and your sorted !
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    Just changed a freehub body on my SL premiums tonight! (see separate thread)

    Just need a 10mm and 5mm allen key, job done.