Eternal question.. titus x or spider fro or yeti asr 2009

denzilcarr Posts: 33
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Want a light xc full sus in alloy but which one. If anyone has got any experience or owns any of them would be really interested to hear from you, particularly the mud clearance on the intense spider.



  • bomberesque
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    ridden the spider FRO and the ASR a while back. both great, the asr is iirc a touch lighter but the spider FRO in raw is one of the sexiest bikes made IMO

    I'm planning a Spider 2 build later in the year. I rode one last autumn and it won me over with its out of the saddle pedalling abilities. bit too much travel if you want to race (120 F/R) but just right for all-mountain-ey type of stuff. I rode a few 150mm FS frames and found them just too much suss.
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