Campagnolo Centaur Ergo Lever 2008

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When using the thumb change to change to a smaller sprocket, the lever on one particular shift jumps down 2 sprockets. I have noticed the video on You Tube (Record one) to take the unit apart for overhaul, but am wondering whether the shifter is beyond repair.



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    You can service Ergos quite easily, but is a bit of a fiddle - alternatively the likes of Mercian Cycles can do it for you. I'd try dousing the internals with some GT85/WD40 just in case there's some debris lodged in there that's causing the mis-shift.
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  • Sounds like a gear service at your LBS is required. This is not the usual failure of this lever. An Ergo service would involve new parts but I feel nothing is worn.

    Get it to you LBS ASAP and have them tune it up
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    Many thanks for the replies - I did try WD40 but no luck - initially, I'll try to take it to bits myself. Fortunately, the video shows how to put it back together again. If no good, I'll use one of the recommended repairers.
  • Shifter is most likely fine. Take bike to a Bike shop and have them look it over
    Racing is life - everything else is just waiting