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So my Cube LTD Pro upgrade project is nearly complete. I will post a seperate topic with specs and pics soon. One of my last jobs is to change the tyres, My current High Roller 2.1's are worn but I would like some lighter tyres to replace.

Key is weight, I have spent a fair bit on upgrades (XT Groupset, Bars, Stem, Pedals etc) so don't want to ruin all that by putting on some heavy wire bead tyres. Also I know rolling weight is what matters,

I am considering either the Conti Race King 2.0 or the Fire XC Pro 2.1 both foldable kevlar jobs. I have noticed for extra cash you can get the supersonic version of the Conti but I am lead to believe it wears faster and only offers nominal performance gains

I have a seperate wheelset with Nobby Nics 2.3 for really messy XC so these new tyres only have to deal with bridleways/ dry XC and commuting so grip level is not massively important, more the weight.

Does anyone have experience of these tyres, which is best / alternatives?

Ideally I need under 500g to bring me in line with my target weight of 23/24 lbs



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    Have a look at the Maxxis Ignitor and Crossmark tyres.

    They are both quite racy XC tyres

    I think they are both lighter than the conti
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    specialized 'the captain' or 'fast trak lk' in 2.0 s-works are good- fast rolling, light, grippy enough, but not good in mud
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    If you are looking to get the weight down and want fast grippy tyres have a look at Rocket Rons 410g for the 2.1
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    Maxxis Crossmark is a really good tyre and very light...though I only run one on the back. Not sure i would want one on the front too!!

    Tyre weights if that helps...

    http://weightweenies.starbike.com/listi ... e=mtbtyres

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    just changed fire xc pros for race kings and there is a vast improvement. i will save the fire for winter
  • gezzza
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    RaceKing 2.2 supersonic user here for all but the muddy stuff.
    I would only recommend the supersonics for tubless as they are puncher pron.
    they are hard waring tires and IMHO the best XC tire money can buy 480g after being sealed for running tubeless
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    I have recently got some Fire XC Pros & while they are ok in the mud/gunky stuff i find them to be sluggish when climbing in comparison to my Razer XC 2.1s.

    I would say to put the Fire XC Pros away until next winter (as you have done)& go for something a l,ot quicker/less sluggish.

    I find the Razer XC 2.1s to be light and pretty swift too.
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