New tyres needed - advice please!

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Hi guys, I'm wanting a new pair of tyres and I think I've narrowed my choice down to Nobby Nics, Maxxis Minions and Maxxis High rollers.

They will be used for the red route type riding at Kielder, usually fairly wet, rocky, slightly muddy uphills and sometimes quite steep rocky descents. Don't really get airborne, I think my bike is too heavy (or the rider is too scared!)

I'm swaying toward the maxxis as they are slightly cheaper, and I'm thinking the 2.35" variety would be better than the 2.1" for the descents?

I'm currently using 2.4" Conti mountain king cheap wire bead versions which feel awful when cornering (the front just slips sideways) and fills me with zero confidence cornering, although they seem fine hurtling downhill.

Also, would a minion up front and a high roller at the back provide any benefits?

I noticed the nobbys are only 500g odd where as the minions are about 800g? And I think the high rollers are somewhere in between. I don't think weight should be much of an issue though as my bike weighs 30lbs anyway (kona hardtail)?

Any thoughts before I splash some cash?

Cheers guys...


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    The minion front, high roller rear is what I use and INE it is the best all round setup out there.

    The High roller grips well but rolls much better than a rear minion. The front minion will always stay planted if you ride correctly while the high roller drifts :D

    The Nic's are lighter because they have thinner sidwalls so are prone to pinch flatting. For around Kielder I would say the minion, high roller setup should work great