Tiny cuts in tryes - treatment & tolerance of

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Hi all - would appreciate any thoughts on the following:

Have had my road bike for about 7 months now. Recently replaced the rear tyre as a cut got right through causing a puncture. Now pay much closer attention to any embedded debris in my tyres after each ride.

My front tyre has about 10-15 tiny cuts - am gonna whip the tyre of to make sure none have gone all the way through but I was wondering if superglue or anything should be used on these 'flesh wounds' or when the right time is to chuck the tyre.

Also would appreciate any recommendations on a good puncture resistance 700x23 tyre - nearly went for the conti gatorskins but have read they are a bit naff.

Thanks in advance for any help - apologies if this topic is already on the forum but couldn't find it anywhere.



  • dennisn
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    My theory these days is ride them till they blow. As for Super Glue, it works OK on SMALL cuts but only for a while. Inflate tire, put glue in cut, deflate tire wait a day, go riding and see now it goes. I have found that SMALL cuts, even without glue, tend to stay SMALL so I don't bother. As for large cuts?? Ride it till it blows. You may be surprised at how long it lasts although the constant worrying could get you down.
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    I use Hutchinsons Fusion something or other on my Focus Cayo and Gatorskins on my steel commuting bike and both have lots of little cuts in them. I give them the odd inspection and unless they have turned into enormous rips, I ignore them. For the record, Gatorskins are good tyres.
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  • skyd0g
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    My personal method. Deflate tyre, go through cuts to make sure there's no bits of embedded flint/glass still in the cut - remove with pointy thing. A drop of Superglue in the larger cuts, leave overnight then re-inflate.

    I wouldn't trust any tyre where the cut has severed the inner casing.
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    I also like the Gatorskins, but GP400s I've found to be even better - faster rolling and zero flats.
  • kettrinboy
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    on my winter bike ive got a pair of Conti GP4000S tyres that have done about 7000 miles with loads of small cuts but not one puncture yet , and i am currently using two other pairs of these tyres on my other bikes again with no punctures, either ive been lucky or these tyres really are good at avoiding flats, and i very rarely go over the tyres to remove embedded grit unless i see a biggger bit thats obviously sticking out.
  • Flasheart
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    I checked over my Michelin Pro Race 3' tyres on the weekend and my rear definatly needs replacing. Lots of small cuts and a couple of spots I can see where the rubber has worn through to the layer below. Theres also one spot on the sidewall with a minor split, I thought it was a moulding mark at first. :roll:
    I ordered a new pair of Michelin Pro Race 3's. The front is fine but they have to match in colour shades right :wink:
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    my Conti 4000s cut right through the sidewall on its 3rd ride with <120 miles covered - very unimpressed, especially given the fact that the tube wasnt punctured, which makes me suspect tyre failure :(

    The 25c GP4 Seasons have been right through winter though and are a reassuringly good tyre IMHO, with good grip, fairly light weight and excellent performance. They're back on the bike now and wont be going anywhere for a while....
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  • skyd0g
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    Bigpikle wrote:
    my Conti 4000s cut right through the sidewall on its 3rd ride with <120 miles covered - very unimpressed, especially given the fact that the tube wasnt punctured, which makes me suspect tyre failure :(

    A cut isn't a tyre failure, it's just bad luck.
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  • antikythera
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    +1... Clean the small cuts and leave them.

    For larger cuts I apply "Shoo goo", a silicone/rubber like compund intended to fill holes in sneakers. I fill the cut while the tyre is inflated. Usually do this on a monthly or so time frame.

    I don't expect it to "puncture proof" the tyre, but should stop more debris getting in there to cause problems.
  • Headhuunter
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    For almost total puncture proofing, use 2 tyres on each wheel. Don't specifically know how you do this, I assume you get a 700x23 and another slightly larger, perhaps 700x25-28 or something on each wheel. A guy in my cycling club biked across Africa like this and I think he said he didn't geta singloe puncture, even riding on dirt tracks through places like Tanzania...
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  • merlinghnd
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    I have a Boardman bike which came with Continental Ultra Sport. I had one puncture that on closer iinspection was more like a split. I changed that tyre for a Michelin Krylion Carbon. The other tyre has now got a puncture and I found I had loads of small splits on the Continental. I have now replaced this with the Michelin Krylion Carbon. I must say this seems quite a robust tyre, I am very pleased with it and at £19.99 from Chain Reaction, cannot complain at all. I use my bike for all weather commuting, lots of glass out there after a Saturday night I find.
  • Headhuunter
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    Yeah, I bought a pair of Michelin Krylion Carbons from CRC after recommendations here. Not fitted yet as I'm waiting for the others to wear out 1st
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  • CaroDavo
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    Thanks for your thoughts guys.

    Funnily enough - I also have a Boardman with the Continental Ultra Sports so I guess this wasn't the best tyre to ride on through the winter. Gonna go for upgrades and like the look of the Bontrager Hard Cases.