Tubeless tyres

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I've always been put off about tubeless tyres, maybe because I'm just being a Ludite, but currently every ride I go out. Literally every ride, after I've cleaned the bike and the mud on the tyres have dries the next day I find I have a puncture. I'm getting bored of fixing punctures, are tubeless tyres a lot better at resisting punctures and how easy are they to set up?



  • mikee1979
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    Been reading through the forums and came across the tip about putting tubeless sealant in regular tyres to prevent punctures, does this work?
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    Tubeless guide

    it is faff but I've avoided punctures for a full year by going tubeless so I'm sold

    sounds like you're getting slow punctures, probably from thorns? If so Bails mentioned last week getting some Stans (or equal) latex stuff and injecting some into an innertube (slice a hole in the tube and squirt it in then patch the hole) to make puncture resistant tubes. Won't stop pinch flats probably but thorns it should be good against
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    Or use schwalbe tubes, they all have removable cores. (Apart from the 90 degree valve ones for buggies i think)

    Then you can just pour it in through the valve stem.

    As for tubeless, i had a drawing pin in my rear tyre the other day, pulled it out, slight hiss, span the wheel and it stopped.
  • mikee1979
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    Thanks for getting back. It is always little sh**ty thorns that give me punctures. Think I may have to go down the tubeless route very soon.
  • jairaj
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    If its for stopping punctures from thorns then I'd really recommend going tubeless. I haven't really felt much of the other benefits ie lighter rotational weight or better comfort or traction due to lower pressures etc but my tubeless set up is great at stopping punctures from thorns and pins.