A new fork maybe?

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Hi guys

My cindercone 2007 was my first MTB with front suspension. It came with Marzocchi MZ Race. I cant compare this fork to any other but I do know it is classed as entry level, one above suntour.

If I was to upgrade to a new fork, what should I go for, without spending the earth? Would it really make that much difference to me as I only really ride trails.

IAs I have been looking into it, I have realised that it is a minefield . From my limited knowledge, I think for my budget, the RS tora looks favourite, but this comes in different versions; coil and air. Also some sites say it has 85mm to 130mm travel. Others say it has 100mm travel. Manufacturers recommend sticking with the same travel that a bikes come with. My zocchis are 110mm i believe.

Could anyone clear this up a bit for me? benefits of air compared to coil, travel, etc.

Thanks in advance