Upgrading Boardman Pro HT to Boardman Pro FS

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Hi folks,

Ive had my BP HT for c.6 months now and it really has been a joy to ride.

Im now thinking of upgrading to the FS version as my C2W scheme has started in work.

I mainly ride trails - some of which can get technical with a few big drops. I feel that the FS version may be more fluid/better tracking on some of the trails. However considering my existing pro is also used as my commuter, Im not sure the Boardman Pro FS would be suitable?

I think it may be a case that the introduction of the C2W scheme has made me want to upgrade when in fact I dont really need to...but I am just curious about the full suss now that they are getting fairly light with decent rear shocks.

I dont want it to become too much of a HT vs FS debate but if anyone has made the switch from the Boardman hardtail to the Boardman Full Suss. I would appreciate your comments/opinions - i.e differences in terms of weight/geo/responsiveness/accelleration etc.

Many thanks


  • jmillen
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    So you'd be looking to use the FS for commuting? If thats your only bike, personally I wouldn't want to be riding that kind of bike to work, but thats just me.

    I've recently sold my Pro HT and bought an FS of similar weight (albeit not the Pro FS) but I've got a cheap HT to ride into work in that I dont care if its stolen, damaged, etc etc.

    I'm not going into the whole HT vs FS thing, but if its a question of is it a worthy upgrade?...If you're going to trails with drops, technical sections, rock gardens etc, a FS will certainly help you along the way. You know what you're getting with the Pro FS, an award winning, excellent spec'd bike for a great price.
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  • Dhart
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    thanks for your input Jmillen.

    In terms of commuting I have my own parking spot for the bike in the basement at my work (otherwise I wouldn't even contemplate using it as my work commuter). However I see your point about using a potentially expensive bike for donkey commuting!

    After reading both of your posts (Stumpy Post - nice bike btw!) I think the Pro HT suits me for now and what I need out of the bike and It certainly doesn't struggle on the trails.

    Ill put my money aside for now so...but can't guarantee I wont Ritchy Carbonify it!
  • The Big Cheese
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    I also think he meant riding a full susser for commuting, not the best idea, a hardtail is what you need for commuting miles... ;)

    Full sussers are great for one thing, cross country. I wouldn't want to commute on one ;)
  • Can't you keep the HT for commuting and get the FS for XC? not that you need a FS :wink: