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Freewheels - compatibility etc

PeteinSQPeteinSQ Posts: 2,292
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I've just received a new Focus Cayo which came with Cole Rollen wheels. These are entry level wheels and I already had a set of Ksyrium SLs so decided to swap them over from my other bike.

The Cayo has ten speed 105 and when I removed the cassette from the Cole wheel I noticed that it had a small washer/spacer.

The Ksyrium wheels are ten speed wheels and as a result I have been using an identical washer/spacer to make it work on my other nine speed bike.

So I swapped the casettes over only to discover that the ten speed cassette is too big for the freewheel on the Mavic wheels, i.e. the 'tines' on the freewheel body are too big for the 'slots' in the cassette.

Interestingly the nine speed cassette works on the Cole wheels without the need for the spacer...

Have they changed the design of ten speed casettes? How easy would it be to swap the freewheel bodies over?
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