Fox Float Rl blown up - replacement options

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Hi guys,

First time on my bike in week after having surgery, and my float rl shock started playing up (its on a Marin Attack trail 2007)

At first it was fine, then started to click as it compressed. Then after a climb, switching the lever from lockout to normal did nothing, i tried to get the bike back to the car, but on an uphill section had to stand up to get up it, and it just blew the shock out - so it just completly bottoms out

have put air in with a pump and seems to be holding 180 psi pressue fine - but it seems to easy to compress / seems to be bottoming out still (but from a greater distance).

figured i'd look at getting a replacement for it - was wondering if the Fox Float RP2 XV would be a worthwhile upgrade ??? or if there is anything else out there that would be suitable ???



  • anjs
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    why not just get it serviced?
  • The Big Cheese
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    Yep, give the fellas at TfTuned a call...... seems silly to replace it, itls a good shock and worth repairing ;)
  • elredso
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    was thinking of replacing with one of these, as its actually less than the cost of the service, and the shock itself is 3 years old: ... 2c5395f41f

    just not sure of the eye to eye for teh 07 attack trail, have read 185 and 200mm ! is there a webste with this info on anyone knows of, have been googling for a few hours and cant find it the eye to eye, and as my shock is blown, not sure what teh correct lenght is !
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    If you buy the shock in that link, be prepared to pay upto an additional 40% on the listed price as there is a fair chance you'l be hit with Import Duty and Tax (payable on the doorstep when it arrives).
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    Why not get it serviced by TF Tuned?

    Infact if I was you and were prepared to spend that much anyway I would get it Pushed, it would be set up for your riding style and bike and would probably feel better than any shock you could buy off the shelf
  • elredso
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    thanks for the info - didnt think of import duties !

    does anyone know the correct shock length at all ?

    am toying with the idea of the PUSH service, but at the same time I have the RL shock on an 07 attack trail frame (as the 06 one that it originally came on was replaced under warranty due to a crack in it) so I am debating getting an RP model, as this is the correct one for the frame