seized pedal....and then some

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I have Campy Centaur carbon cranks. They have some sort of aluminum sleeve in the crank arm that have the threading for the pedals (this aluminum sleeve is what you screw the pedal into) . Unfortunately, I have a combination problem:

#1 The left hand pedal is seized up to some extent (yes, I know this one is threaded backwards)

#2 in addition to #1, when I try to loosed the pedal, the aluminum sleeve that has the threading rotates inside the crank arm. I guess this aluminum sleeve is bonded somehow to the crankarm when it is manufactured....and it seems that this bonding process has loosened. The aluminum sleeve is not so loose that it will come out of the least not that I have tried to coax in that direction.

Any ideas? Unless there is a way to remove that threaded sleeve from the crank and replace it and re-duplicate that bonding process, it seems like I am going to have to get a new crank arm. The other issue is salvaging the pedal (Campy Record pedals....very nice and I would like to keep them)

I appreciate any insight


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    I loosened my peddals with sumerging them in a bucket of boiling water. 5 mins later they turned off easy.
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    don't knock if this will be sufficient but i had the same problem the other day (non carbon crank arms however) lathered the thing in wd40, spanner to the pedal and hammered it in the loosen direction to slacken it off then allen keyed the rest.

    A few kind of hard(ish) blows did the trick but then again i get impatient at times. so could resonably force it and hopefully to slacken it off.
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    Sounds like your crank's knackered if the threaded insert is turning in the crank arm.

    Could it be a warranty claim??

    If not, I suspect you're going to have to destroy the thing to remove the pedal + insert, then clamp the insert in a vice to unscrew and save the pedal.