Front brake calipers seized to fork

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The front brake calipers are now removed but the allen keyed nut is still seized inside the fork. Can anyone confirm this is not a feature?

I have a Planet X SL Pro with the standard carbon fork and Tektro brakes. I would have been on Ultegra brakes now if I could get the allen head out. Given the allen head is now shreaded I don't fancy drilling out the bolt from the carbon fork.

Anyone know any tricks for getting metal heads out which are lodged in carbon?




  • Very carefully saw a slot in it for a cabinet screw driver,would soak overnight,mayme mole grips.
  • topdude
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    It may be a carbon fork but the fork crown will be alloy.
    I would spray some WD40 or similar in there from the front and back, leave it a while, then using a punch (or metal rod) of a suitable diameter gently tap it out from the front. :D
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  • ghoughto
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    I ended up drilling out the inner part which was successfully but dumb. I should have removed the front wheel and unscrewed the front caliper. I thought the allen nut was seized to caliper brake, when in fact it is seized to the fork. This leaves virtually no proud edge to hammer it out.

    I will probably end up trying to drill out the nut as well, but at much higher risk of destroying the fork.
  • Monty Dog
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    Find a long screw of the right size thread - screw it into the seized nut with the head protruding and give the head a sharp tap with a hammer - should release the nut no problem. Usually the end of the nut gets gunked-up by muck in the recess at the back of the fork. You should be able to drift it out with a suitable size rod.
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  • ghoughto
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    Thanks Monty Dog, that worked.
    Most of the thread had gone from the ealier ill advised drilling out of the caliper. An old ikea bolt screwed in fine though. That provided a plug which I could then hammer against with a smaller bolt from the other side. It still took surprisingly large amount of force to get it to move, and then keep it moving.


  • John.T
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    Clean out all the gunge and lube the nut with anti seize next time.