Boardman - Richey rear Wheel Freehub removal

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I have teh original Richey Zero hub whels that first shipped with teh boardman - The freehub pawls etc need cleaning but I cannot see how to dismantle from teh hub. Has anyone dismantled one ?

Looks as if the allen key access may be from the lefthand side - does this mean it has to be "unscrewed" using a clockwise direction. Had a look on the ricthey site but the only tech manual doesn't seem to apply to these wheels


  • jonwe
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    Did you manage to remove the freehub? If so please can you post details of how you removed it.

    I've got the same problem on the hub that came on my 2008 boardman pro (silver grey frame). I'm also looking for the manufacturer of the hub so I can replace it - the rim is a ritchey WCS disc but the hub is unbranded.
  • Monty Dog
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    You'll find the instructions on the Ritchey website. I did one recently:
    There's a small grubscrew holding a collar on the end of the axle - release the screw and collar - give the axle a firm tap with a hammer and it should slide out. Tap out the cartridge bearing from the hub shell. You need a 12mm Allen key to unscrew a retaining nut for the freehub which then slides off.
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