Shifter upgrade - Shimano 105s with FD-3400 Sora derailleur?

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I've got an Orbea Fleche road bike that currently has Sora and Orbea components - I am looking at upgrading gradually and want to start with some 105 STI shifters.

I've seen a few on ebay but before I shell out I want to be sure they will work with the stuff I've got at the moment.

The gears are 9 speed double Sora with FD-3400 stamped on the front derailleur and the brakes are Orbea's own but I'm told are basically the same as Sora kit.

I would really be grateful for any advice on whether I'm looking at a straight swap for the shifters or if anything else would need upgrading at the same time.



  • John.T
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    The shifters are 10sp so will not work with 9. Fit a 10sp cassette and chain at the same time and you will be OK. The rest will work.
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    I'm not impressed with 105 shifters. The Left hand FD shifter is a bit notorious for being a bit "iffy" if it's not set up properly. Don't believe me, then type "Shimano 105 left hand shifter problem" or similar into Google.

    Mine is as notchy as a...notch in a notch factory.
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    Actually I did look at lots of complaints about 105 shifters just after I sent my original question! Sounds like there is some kind of design fault and they are notorious for breaking - but then, you tend to get more people writing a personal review when something doesn't work than when it does - so maybe there's lots of very happy 105 owners too :shock:

    I'm a bit in shock over how much a new set of shifters cost - new shifters on their own would cost nearly half of what I paid for my whole bike - how does that work? And why is their kit so much more expensive than Campagnolo??!

    I wonder if it would be easier to sell my bike and buy a higher spec one but I love the frame and have yet to see another rider on one at the local circuit...
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    As I said, my LH shifter is very bad. I've had a few mechanics look at cabling etc, but it really doesn't give me confidence when I can feel its click being almost forced. The RD shifting is great and a delight and in some changes I cannot believe it moved it was just so smooth.

    I think if my LH 105 shifter broke, I'd just replace them with a downtube shifter, it's too costly to replace because of a piece of plastic and bad design.
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    I understood the problem with 10sp 105 lefthand shifter breakages was that the same shifter can cope with both triples and doubles/compacts, rather than having separate double- and triple-versions.

    When fitted to a double/compact, it only needs the two clicks to shift between the two rings rather than three clicks for a triple, which is managed by setting the min-max screws on the front mech so it can only move between the two rings.

    But the third click is still there in the shifter, if you force it over into that third click position, it breaks...

    Ultegra, etc and 9sp 105 have separate double- and triple-versions, with 2 and 3 positions in them, so don't have the same issue, but does mean that if you swap from/to double or triple then you need to get new shifters.