Realigning gears after switching wheels

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Hi, Mr Ands here.

I have a problem in that I've just put on some Shamal Ultras in place of some old Kyserium SLs and have had to completely realign the gears. The cassette on the Shamal seems to be down one whole position from the Kyserium (i.e. when putting the Kyserium back on, it won't shift up to the last high gear). The cassette on the Kyserium is a 7900 and on the Shamal is 7800.

Is this normal that I should have to realign my gears every time I want to swap between a Mavic & a Campag wheel? I've never had this problem swapping one Mavic for another Mavic (or even Mavic for Bontrager).



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    Sure the cassette is mounted correctly on the Mavic wheel? Sure they had a spacer ring behind the cassette to space them correctly. I swap Mavic and Shimano and cheapo Alex wheels without probs.
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    Yes, spacer on Mavic wheel OK. I have just tried the Campag wheel on my wife's bike and have the same problem.

    I've taken the cassette off the Shamal and spotted my first gaff - I had put a Mavic spacer on rather than a Shimano one (the Mavic one being thicker). I've now put a Shimano one on and I'm in the process of realigning the gears again. This might fix the problem......but it might not!

    EDIT: problem solved, all down to wrong sized spacer