Advise on Bearings please

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I have shortlisted the Dura Ace WH7850 SL's.

However I have read that the bearings always need a lot of maintenance in comparison to sealed ones (like on Easton). Is this true and does it cost a lot and how often?

Do you know if a SRAM OG- 1070 cassette is compatible with the above?

The above are also tubeless, I assume you can still put tubes and normal tyres on>




  • Monty Dog
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    The wheels use conventional cup and cone bearings - regularly cleaned, adjusted and greased there's no reason why they shouldn't last as long as a cartridge bearings.
    SRAM cassette will fit a Shimano freehub.
    You can fit conventional tyres to a tubeless rim but because of the profile of the rim, it takes a little bit more effort / skill to do quickly- virtually impossible to remount the tyres without decent levers and some tyres are easier than others.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..