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Hi all,

Just joined the forum so though I'd say Hi.

Have just taken up road cycling with a view to loosing some weight and increase my fitness.

I have bought a Specialized Secteur Sport from my LBS. I had gone to buy a Trek 1.2 after searching and reading reviews online for a few weeks.

Anyway I went to the LBS with my mind made up just to make sure I was getting the right size. They then convinced me that the Secteur was the bike I should have due to the extra reach and comfort factor. Perhaps they get a better commision on Specialied!!! Anyway I had to take their advice and had a try on both bikes although I guess you would have to ride both for quite a while to get a true honest opinion on which was best for you, and I couldn't afford both, tbh I could only just afford 1.

Although not 100% I went with the advice hoping they had my best interest at heart and not commision.

Anyway no complaints so far and hopefully I have made the right choice and the comfier ride position will come into it's own.

Have managed to get out every day this week so far doing about 10 miles each time.

Just taking it easy and hope the km's help shift the kg's.


  • congratulations on the new bike and best of luck with everything, your story is an almost exact replica of mine, have to say I'm still really enjoying riding my Secteur after 4 months

    keep pushing it a little further/harder each time you ride and you'll see the benefits both in weight loss and fitness in next to no time
  • The_Beast
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    Hello mate!!

    I'm new around here, theres quite a few newbies it seems, a lot wanting to lose a lot of weight like me. :D
  • Oceanblue
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    The good new is its works for weight loss - in my case 4.5st and counting ;-)
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    Welcome aboard - of the big brands I always liked Specialized. Main thing is to make sure it stays fun.
    once you can comfortably do 40 miles - check out your local club (gulp !) that will really improve your riding .......and isn't as scary as it sounds